What are items of clothes presently in fashion from China?

Concern by Gail: What are parts of apparel currently in fashion from China?
I am likely to China to do a good deal of buying and I am from North The united states. From the new spring selection, what are parts of clothing at the moment in vogue and on sale? I am going to go wild with investing $ $ on outfits there and I want to know what clothes items would be viewed as sizzling when I return to Canada.

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Reply by paprika
China’s malls are fairly really high-priced so I will not recommend you do a lot purchasing there and most chinese men and women just get actually low-cost garments from the discount stalls. But what is really well-liked is usually ugg boots (you can get knockoffs true inexpensive in china), korean outfits (you can get them low cost in china also), trench coats and pea coats, nike footwear, and so forth. Just seem all around and see what men and women use. I advocate going to bogus marketplaces way too.

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