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Your Guide To Planning To Travel To Colombia
The South American country Colombia is quite popular with many people wishing to take a vacation to the place. Well, if you need to take a vacation to a place you will enjoy and have memorable experiences, then Colombia needs to be on the list. It is quite rich when it comes to diversity, history, the favorable climate just to mention. Learn the tips to ensure a successful vacation if you are planning to travel to this South American country.
Get to learn Spanish before leaving for your vacation in Colombia. This is vital as it will help you to go around various cities and communicate well. Learn as much as you can, not just the basics. The thing is, most people in Colombia cannot communicate in English. If you do not know Spanish, you could find yourself stranded. The language will also assist you in learning more about history and culture.
Avoid going on your vacation during the holiday seasons. Once you have noted the holiday seasons, try as much to keep off Colombia. Colombians are holiday lovers, and they flock the cities at these times. Alternatively, if you are planning to go there during the holidays anyway, you’ve got to plan ahead, book accommodation and lodgings in advance since lots of crowds will be seeking for the same services. Find out more.

Coffee is something you need to try out in Colombia. It is quite popular for its delicious taste. Its deemed to be of high quality and sweet. Get firsthand experience by buying and taking their coffee. The coffee is not even expensive, and you can afford it no matter your squeezed budget. It is also easily accessible, with the many coffee shops all over. Find out more.

When it comes to transport, there are various options for you. For one, there are taxi services. For example, if you want to move from a hotel to someplace, the hotel can get you a taxi to take you wherever you want. There are also buses, which is the common transportation means. If you are in a group, the bus is an easier way. You can also book a flight to a destination if you are in a hurry. Find out more.

Be keen when it comes to your security. In almost every corner, you will spot police or security guards. Just relax since they are there to keep you and everyone safe. Beware of theft and pickpockets and therefore keep your valuables safe. Find out more.

It is also important that you have cash with you. Although you may think it is risky, but some places will not allow the use of credit cards. With ATMs in the cities, ensure you withdraw and get enough. Find out more.

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