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Which era in time do you believe had the ideal clothing fashion?

Concern by yep: Which era in time do you feel had the best clothing fashion? I think the nineteen fifties experienced the best style. Females dressed quite elegantly. I actually like the dresses they wore again then. I do not believe they need to have long gone out of fashion, but they did unfortunately. Males […]

Where did the difference commence in gentlemen and womens apparel and how considerably back again did it begin?

Question by squander of time: Wherever did the distinction start in guys and womens apparel and how considerably back did it start? Curious, when did gentlemen start wearing pants anyway? Ancient background exhibits us that clothes was more unisex and the a lot less the greater. So, when did individuals turn into so uptight about […]

What are items of clothes presently in fashion from China?

Concern by Gail: What are parts of apparel currently in fashion from China? I am likely to China to do a good deal of buying and I am from North The united states. From the new spring selection, what are parts of clothing at the moment in vogue and on sale? I am going to […]