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What type Apparel do folks in Italy nowadays?

Query by us.littlefairy: What design Garments do people in Italy these days? If you have sources that would be wonderful. I am performing a report on them and need to know about their garments and trend. Very best answer: Reply by ITALIAWell I’m Italian IDK In which to commence??????? But they have really wonderful collection […]

What colours match together these days in vogue?

Issue by Mysterious Gurl: What colours match jointly these days in trend? I want to know what colors go collectively in clothing … In fashion I indicate And i want some fashion suggestions when i dress in some hues with each other Very best solution: Solution by KsBlack & black. Black with a solitary coloured […]

What are some items we do these days that men and women a hundred a long time from now would believe stupid?

Query by einstein12321: What are some items we do today that people a hundred a long time from now would feel stupid? What are items we do right now that individuals in the foreseeable future will look back and laugh at us for or believe us stupid and barbaric? Not apparel fashions, remember to. Ideal […]